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I wonder if the people of Paris ever regretted not standing behind the boys at the barricade.
He regrets ever not getting up in the mornings and sitting to eat breakfast with him. He regrets not talking to him more often or listening to him. He regrets going off on his own during the late hours of the night and not coming back until sunrise and(more)
I had only one regret ever. But, it was kind of a big one, and twofold.

Her name was Alice, and she was pretty. Good girl, went to Temple every week, and prayed with truth and honesty in her heart. Helped out at  soup kitchens. Was a generally great(more)
I dont know if i regret everything that  happened and what we had in the past year and a half. I was very happy and there are some things i wish had been different, that we shouldnt maybe have done. But it was wonderful to be with you. I dont(more)
I lift my hands after I let the razor fall, realizing I don't remember a thing before that. Small streams of crimson ran across my fingers and dripped to the floor. Droplets of relief, splashing in beautiful end.

The clock on the wall strikes 6pm. I've been drinkin(more)
Roan regrets the ugly, selfish indulgence that let him poison Sebastian. The reminiscence makes his stomach churn and his blood boil, and his head aches like when he's transforming. Luckily, he doesn't; no needles prick up from under his skin, his bones don't melt and crack, and his wings(more)
She thought she would regret this. She thought she would regret his empty chair at dinner, the silence in the evening, the cold space under the sheets beside her.

It isn't like that, though. Now she cooks whatever she wants, turns the volume up to no complaints. And(more)
Occasionally Arthur regrets introducing the boys to his brothers.

Now is one of those times, when James and Sean charge past, towing Alfred between him, and the boy's feet are lifted off the ground every once in a while and then he kicks over a vase.

Regrets are heavy burdens that humans  
carry, unwilling to forget and move on.  

Regrets, I feel, are something that humans  
could only feel so heavily aside joy.   (more)
Lovino regrets fucking Gilbert the first time. The self satisfied grin the man gives him the next morning, the annoying voice in his ear. He pushes him away and pulls the blanket back over his head, just wanting to sleep a little longer.
Regrets seemed like rocks to her. Heavy things that a person could accumulate over a lifetime, stubborn things to lug around and hide in closests whenever possible until they piled up and tumbled out. Regrets were the things that crushed one's last breath, making death a cloying and bitter(more)
Every time I have something to say but hold my tongue
Going for so long feeling afraid to be myself
Responding to text messages too quickly
Every lie I tell my parents
Tennis shoes with mary jane knee high socks
When the sounds of Hinansho's choking sobs no longer reached his ears, he collapsed to his knees, head in his hands. He had hoped and prayed from the moment he took the boy in that this moment would never come. How he longed with every fiber of his being(more)
She was on the way to a local show, braced against the rain and cold. And you tramboy walked by so, so close. She could've grabbed. But she didn't.
These days, Gilbert tosses and turns more than usual, and the bed sheets have never seen such a degree of disarray. There’s sour milk sitting in the refrigerator, but it has become increasingly difficult to wake up in the morning, let alone brave the world. Voluntarily, that is, because(more)