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Yue Xia Lao, the Old Man in the Moonlight: he sits on the temple steps and reads a book, leaning on a bag filled with red strings. Occasionally, he'll look up drowsily and pluck a thread from the sack, one lone crimson thread. Right now, when it is not(more)
There is a tale that she heard when she was a little girl about lovers being connected by a red string. That no matter where you went or what you did, your heart was always tied to another's, so you should never feel alone.
It was part of (more)
Weaving, twisting, warp and weft, fingers flying, strings vibrant.
When you were flying through nothingness at the speed of light with only six other people, your options were quickly exhausted. Rose, fighting boredom, had taken up weaving, as well as knitting, to pass the time. Her latest project would(more)
Flora could see strings. The little red ones that connected you to your one true love. She could see them tied around people's ankles. Mostly, the strings stretched far off into the distance. Red strings rarely connected people close together, except Dennis and Carly. Too bad they broke up.(more)
On the Fourth of July, Max spent more than an hour cleaning up Mr. Cawley's front lawn.

He protested, but all signs pointed to him. There were seven grandchildren and therefore seven cans of Silly String. The profane words sprayed on Mr. Cawley's front door were red, and(more)
They say the red string of fate can be twisted and tangled, stretched and shrunk, but it will never break. How many people are still naive enough to believe in such a thing?

Those that have felt love often feel heartbreak too. They thought that their other perso(more)
When I was six I tried to follow one of my mystery strings. There was at least one tied to each of my fingers. I have never known if this number is average of low or high. I've never asked anyone else about their strings. When I planned to(more)
Kitten, young and small
playing on the floor so well
with that dinky red ball
She was being strangled, the red cord wrapping around her neck like a noose and forcibly pulling her towards this toxic boy. His very presence poisoned her, infected her with this corrosive parody of love and she knew, she /knew/ that he was terrible for her, and that she(more)
Tied around my red finger, a growth of a bow. Not to spear an animal with a tip of poison. One of decoration, pointless but in celebration. Faces kiss the crescent and leave no moisture; they are dry and empty: Overdone and Wrong. Backing away I stand alone adorned(more)
The red string that binds us all to our fate slowly wavers at the touch of the wind. But why the wind? Is it really the wind? Or is it something we don't know? An intangible idea that slowly affects us and slowly cuts the red string that binds(more)
Jade leans against the wall of a rugged building, her mind consumed by an ocean of thoughts. It was only a few days prior that she and Yuuto-kun had begun dating consistently again, seeing as the season for his sports team had just ended. After a multitude of events(more)
It is said that there is a red string of fate.
It may tangle, stretch, or shink, but it may never be cut.

The red string of fate is a beautiful thing.
Millions of people are born into this world, destined to be with someone at the other(more)
If you tied a red string to my heart, could you see it beating? Would it move faster when I am around the man I am in love, even faster when I feel anxiety, or slow when I am relaxed? If you tugged on that string, would I feel(more)
I live my life with a red string tied around my finger. A constant reminder of my mistakes, my inadequacies, and my failure.
"Never trust," it chides me.
"You aren't worth anything," it reasons.
"You're unlovable, and don't pretend otherwise." (more)