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There is nothing recent
about the decline
It has been on course
ever since the first atom
burst in the universe
The cold will expand (more)
I find,
when I consider some of my recent efforts,
that there has been a noticeable decline
in my windedness.
Recently, she declined the offer, but smiled and thanked the boy, just a boy really, and she was flattered entirely. His hair did a little flippy thing, naturally, like it hadn't, like him, realized what a tough and serious place this world was. His smile, that boyish smile, while(more)
Recent decline is mine,for the recent still in mind.

The longer I'm quiet,the less I will speak.

No longer making sense in it, losing the things that make him him.Retreating from life to hide in dream only recently not wanted/needed there.Increasingly barren with violent spurts of color(more)
Having kids is like tearing yourself open and taking out your heart as it beats, your guts as they filter and push and breathe, then stepping your muscled skeleton out of your skin.

Maybe some other things are like this. I don't know. (more)
I woke up from a long beautiful dream,
And realized
I wasn't sleeping.
The grass turned a yellow shade. One that drew an emotion I couldn't quite place. It was easier that way.

In the long run.

Everything was burning and it wasn't even springtime yet. In the heat of the night is when the rest started to crumble. The(more)
an imperfect ascent toward the light
allowed the opportunity
to look back
down the slope