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I was seventeen years old when my mother told me that she was leaving my father, that she was moving away because she needed to discover herself. She said that twenty had been too young to have a daughter and she hadn't gotten to do any of the things(more)
I started writing this prompt, and then it fell apart.

First it was a story about an older brother who accidentally crushes his little sister's dollhouse, and then tries in vain to rebuild it; the rubber cement that bonds the shattered plastic panels acting as a thinly-veiled metaphor(more)
I came to you with wood and nails, glue and a pile of dreams. You said we should start with a sand castle. I responded with joy -- jumping rope wildly.

After the sand castle came the cruise ship; after the cruise ship came the sea. We were(more)
He carefully focused on the crunchy feeling of the old carpet beneath his legs, on the pinkness of his thumb against the blue Lego block grasped tightly in his hand - on anything but the muffled sobbing coming from the living room. His mother had told him to stop,(more)
there's something to be said for the beauty in broken things.
of course, things can also be said for things that aren't broken - that's how the world goes, you can say things about all kinds of stuff.
but many find that the greatest type of thing is the(more)
I sat among the dew, my back pressed firm and cold to a slab of concrete. I told myself that I'd be done with this by the time the grass grew back, but here I was. Digging a rut in grave dirt, watching the night sky refuse to move.(more)
There is a lot that can be said about a woman who cuts her hair short.  Not Meg Ryan, You’ve Got Mail short—not even Molly Ringwald in, well, everything short.  I cut my hair Michelle Williams short.  And despite my thick, heavy hair that often had a mind of it’s own, I(more)
I'll rebuild my body from the bottom. Titanium can replace bone. Rubber over skin. Aqueous oxidant; synthetic blood. Processor brain and mechanical heart can replace the meat that causes the pain. Everything can change except the hand. Our hand. I'll programme out the hurt, replace with code and emulate(more)
The thing about fire is, you can't hate it. Fire isn't something people despise or want to destroy, or even fear, really, it just is what it is. When fire takes away everything from you, you don't hate it, you learn from it. You learn about what you should(more)
"You've gotta be kidding me," he yelled at the pasta bridge.  "Dammit."  

He looked around the room to see if anyone else was having the same trouble.  They weren't.  They had a plan, they stuck to that plan, and their bridge resembled their plan.  Some were even s(more)
I've been in Chicago for a week and I'm already looking into mental health facilities, seeing what my insurance will cover. Of course, the problem with counseling is that I'm too anxious to even go. So I spend my time wanting help and living in fear of the person(more)
I pleaded with him, but no matter what I said, that was the only word that escaped his mouth.
"It probably won't take as long a second time."
I laid back, biting my lip at him in an innocent kind of way.
After what seemed(more)
Knock down. Throw away. Rebuild.

This is what you used for toys in a childhood when toys never came in shrinksealed plastic:

old cardboard boxes. (more)
The fecund density of treerot heaved with the heat of life. New shoots of branches and corollary branches tensed underneath the dead stump's mass. Wetly, it hunched downhill towards him. He reached up and plunged his hands into the mush of dead redwood. The bloody warmth of the thing(more)
You rebuild the castle by picking up the cards. You throw away the hearts, diamonds, and spades and keep the clubs and are surprised when they club themselves down. You pick up the cards that fall and put them back in the same place. Your pale blue hands are(more)