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Reality is cold and dark
It's closing in around me
My dreams are lost
As my mind in thought
Tries to comprehend
This brokenness around me.
Fun house mirrors and corrective lenses, frames, prescriptions, contacts and polarizations. There is something wrong with your eyes.

You are wild and fun and twirling, a pinwheel in your hand. It flashes bright against the sunny sky, brighter reflections of sparklers later that evening. In the daylight, you(more)
crouched somewhere deep in the thickets of grass and ragweed is theo, hunched over, his suit coat tossed aside into the banks of the river while he slowly bleeds through the soft cotton of his shirtsleeves.

"theo?" avery sees the tuft of blond hair over the steep inclines(more)
"Levi, calm down..."

"Get away from me!" Levi yanks his arm back violently, stumbling backwards and falling against the wall. "Stop touching me! Stop it!"