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Why would someone send him a letter?  And why would someone just leave it on his desk?  No stamp so it must have been hand delivered, so it more than likely was from someone at work.  

He held the envelope for a while before opening it.  He examined the handwriting t(more)
His hand trailed along the ancient bindings of the books, his fingers tracing the fabric and leather that had been held by countless hands, touched by who knows how many people eager to absorb new information.

With the world now, books were obsolete. The pleasure of being caught(more)
I beg you, nay, implore you, READ THIS PLEASE!


Thank you for your time.
maybe you'll see something

maybe you'll be drawn in by the odd patterns in front of you, repetitive words and tidy punctuation and all. maybe you'll decide to gather the cloth into a quilt and curl around it in your sleep. maybe you'll get your nose stuck in(more)
Ryan spotted it first with his new 'Surefire' flashlight, delivered the previous evening. Itching to use it, he waited until the cool days sun began to set and took off through the worn path behind his parents house. The dense but not quite heavy object, black in color had(more)
As she looked down all she saw was a tattered paper, smeared with black ink. At the top, there was a phrase that simply stated, "read this please." She didn't want to read this. She was afraid of what was written, what the paper might have hidden within its(more)