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It is Sunday, and I am volunteering at the local soup kitchen. I meet many sad, sick people there. One is Annette, whose black skin sags sadly on her face. There are wrinkles around her lips, and she reeks of cigarettes. "I used to sing, you know! I was(more)
The only thing she knew about Boss was his voice. Softer than a whisper, raspy, like it was full of splinters. It wasn't pleasant.

Allyn did not consider what she did as murder. It was more of an elimination. For the balance of power to be made equal,(more)
the sun beaming into my eyes,
wincing at the brightness.
i hear the slight beating of a heart beside me.
thump, thump.
thump, thump.
looking over, (more)
Growing up:

Its horrible now, looking back at the times of childhood, remembering how dreams were made and steps taken but now rarely achieved. The grownups always encouraging the pursuit, knowing full well that the likelihood of achievement was akin to winning the lottery.
I wish now tha(more)
"I don't have a lot of time." she muttered to herself

Everything has been leading to this, all the planning, all the violence, and in the moment before the conclusion, she only wishes that she is better armed. No matter what's done is done, I will make my(more)
His arms have been tied on the other side of the pole for hours, and they're starting to get sore. He's on his knees, and he would be praying if his arms weren't wrapped around a pole and ziptied at the wrists. His hands are numb and so is(more)
Women will always be a little jealous of their husbands' male friends, however nice they may be. Because however much they try, men will continue to save the things they want to say for those twenty-one minutes they spend with their best buds.
rasp. rasp. the word scratches across your throat, as if coming from the depths of your body
There were unfamiliar footsteps in his woods; too clumsy and mortal to be the Queen's, too loud for the sleek beasts who accepted him as one of their own. Tom narrowed his eyes. Whatever it was, it did not belong here - it was not of Arcadia, and outsiders(more)
We are constantly modifying our language, even to the point of  insanity. How did 'raspberry' become "razberry"? Alas, I suppose it is a truly human endeavor to change the world around us, even if what we are changing was ours originally.