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Raise me up, to the top of the towering beacon.

Raise me up, in a paper boat without a bottom, folded from my abandoned letters to you.

Raise me up, to see the twin vapor trails carved by paper airplanes, and the white lines carved in the(more)
raise me up,
when I'm drowning in my blood
deep under the depths of insanity.
raise me up, when I've suffocated in
hatred, (more)
"Just calm the fuck down already, your presentation is perfect, just like it always is." Lovino consoled, or as well as Lovino Vargas could console with gruff words and a low baritone voice.

Ludwig sighed heavily in response, frowning at his computer a moment more. "Are you sure?(more)
I sat on this floor. It was littered with papers and pencil and eraser shavings. Crumpled scraps tossed aside. Old drawings that I hated to look at. Old poems that I didn't bother read. Abandoned stories that I had lost inspiration for. Pages and pages of notes, exams, and(more)
Life has become a collection of things sprawled on the floor.
The pencils, the textbooks, yesterday's bra, the skirt I decided not to wear, last night's thoughts, your face - buried underneath it all.
There was a point when I used to face it all. To clean it a(more)
"I want to go up," I remember saying, "Up, daddy." I point to the ceiling. It leaks from its browning corners but I don't care. I'm just a child and know nothing but the strength of my father's arms and how warmly they embrace.