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It isn't often that she gets angry, but when she does, run.
She paces in her bedroom now, too incensed for words. Her thoughts are a jumble of fiery rage, incoherent mutterings of revenge and despair and pure fury.
She can't believe he did this, that he was stupid(more)
Rage is a beigish color.  It's not red, as most people think, because rage does not always come screaming at you, it sometimes it typhoons in your heart and never come out.  It isn't blue either, because betrayal blue  is always overwhelmed by ravaging rage.  It's not exactly yellow (more)
It's not red hot, like people assume it is. That's just an over-used color metaphor to mean that it is passionate. But it's not. They're wrong. This generalizations are too exact to match everyone. Rage is a vague term, a word that means something different for everyone.

One of Anora Fitzroy's earliest memories was standing in front of her new foster mother being lectured on loyalty.
"No one expects loyalty from a bastard." She'd looked at the six year old in front of her. "Because of who you are, my dear, you must not only BE(more)
I hovered behind them like an angry hornet, pulling up close, about to hit his bumper. Who did this fool think he was driving under the speed limit? He doesn't deserve a licence. I hooted again, two loud short bursts, to no avail. There was no passing lane on(more)
I do not believe in god because I do not understand what a god is.  Is it an entity that is all powerful?  Then why does he need me?  He will do what he wants whenever he wants.  If he is omnipotent, is he just?  Then why does he kill the most innocent, the(more)
Dr. Hartwell sat across from his patient. He flipped through the file in front of him but it was sparse and spoke in loose, ambiguous phrases. And parts of it had been redacted? What was this guy, CIA?

"So. Why are you in anger management?" (more)