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For her birthday, my daughter wanted a wedding cake.

Not one of those art project cakes, though, sculpted in thick fondant and airbrushed into an exact replica of a limousine parked in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. She wanted something more old school. Six tiers, white frosting, yello(more)
“You look pretty today.” Although I had been trained from a young age to say Thank You after being complimented I ignored this one.

“You do look pretty.” I ignored that one too.
The sky was blue grey, the shade that can indicate urban light pollution or the hour before dawn. Tasha and Drew had walked down the hill after everyone else had cleared out or fallen over. Drew had been sober for four months and Tasha was too much a lightweight(more)
Incessant bass thumping
Rhythm of a thousand rave ballads
Magenta hair spraying sweat in
Showers of electric love
where delirious tongues
stretch and strain (more)
"Oh my!" she exclaimed as the garnished lobster tail walked in on the hand of a vested waitress.

"mmmm!" said Tessa, drowning her burning sarcastic streak in a heavy gulp of champagne.
"I always thought, it's called Fancy Feast--can't actually be *fancy*. There is no the great American novel, no best tacos in the southwest. But then I tried a can and, you know what? It is pretty fancy." I met each of their gazes in turn. Something had changed--they'd glazed(more)