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In the morning he found my tabs all open, and I was still tangled in the quilt. It seemed unfair, he said. I said: I know it is. He asked why I did this, what I needed to say without my own face attached to it, and I mentioned(more)
It's a little bit weird walking on the beach during the middle of summer and not a soul around.
No screaming kids firing stingy sand in your direction as they hurry toward the building waves only to turn tail and run when the curling foam crashed near their tiny(more)
Let me tell you something about us, my dear
Something your superiors failed to let you know.
Admittedly, we are clueless
Not all of us, to be fair
But the vast majority, yes.
Lost, without a map (more)
You could say she was quite different from the rest. In the sunlight she looked more tired than anything, but in the darkened neon she looked amazing. We talked for awhile, nothing too heavy just idle conversation. I made fun of the poorly dressed slobs and the self centered(more)
Top Pot's doughnuts are quite different from others. How so? Well, they... I mean.... they're shaped.... yeah, I'm not sure. But white people really like them.

Top Pot Doughnuts. Doughnuts for crackers.