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if only my mind would quiet down
maybe the world would be mine
or i could just rest, even for a little while
sink into my familiar and catch up,
i could put my feet up and sit a spell
linger here, where my heart lives, see, i haven't(more)
i wander
the lonely bones of the world,
the frayed edges of civility,
creepcrawling back into nothing.
the silence, the drained veins (more)
don't tell them.
talk to the paper and wear it thin and bleed it through with ink and coffee stains,
but don't tell anyone you checked out your absolute favorite book from the library (again) or you skipped breakfast because you were stressed.
see what you don't realize(more)
      what's (more)
The two of you would be friends.
You both quiet down to listen to the sound of records spinning,
Know what it's like to get abandoned in a fight,
Breathe smoke like it's air and air like it's wasting away,
Kinda like you,
And yet you both like to(more)
The noise was unbearable. I  couldn't take it anymore. So constant, and restricting. I started to question my every breath, my every movement, my everything. The tiniest movement spoke unnecessary volumes, yet remained inaudible to many. Oh, how I wanted it to stop, to end, there and then. Maybe if(more)
Occasionally, Roy would wish desperately for a volume control on Edward. There had to be a way to create one, because when Edward got going about whatever pissed him off this week (the book in the library being missing, the PFCs snickering at him again, cabbage, and on and(more)
My throat is hoarse.
My ears are bombarded by laughter and shouting.
This is not how it's supposed to work.
I am the teacher, you are the students, but I try to never treat you like lesser people. I want to hear your voices, just not all at on(more)
Quiet down
You make it sound so straightforward
Like you can just forget
By flipping a switch
Like a light
On and off (more)
Riley sat up with a start and blinked twice.  He swiveled his head around, trying to take in where he was.  It came back quickly.  Twisting his neck to his left, he looked up at the at the large Buick that had just struck him.  The victim sized up his predator.

I tell the voices in my head.
"Youre not real. I dont believe you."

"You can trust me, you cant trust them. They lie to you. They dont love you, they dont love you at all. Youre not worth it. You cant do anything right. Why do you(more)
Tommy sat down at the table, where his brother was glaring at him.
"How did you know..." he hissed through pearly white teeth that certainly weren't his.
"Command Slee'nyarin's eyes are hazel. Yours are green."
"Like anyone could know the difference," Leonard huffed.
"Oh, I think that's a difference(more)