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What is the purpose of quicksand?
Its just there to give you something
to fight against, an antagonist
Careful, there is no charm that works
when you're drowning in it
No secrets to lift you up, out. (more)

Her face is so beautiful,
I can see how you are suitable.
But when she makes that look,
It seems like she is a closed book.
Not open to any possibilities, (more)
How easily you can drag me under
with your eyes closed if you want
but you'd rather watch
you gaze steel and I sink
into the quicksand I go
it sucks me under and I'm helpless to the pull (more)
An unflappable vegetarian moved in next door, with quicksand eyes. Her fascination with my garden was certifiably serious, and though she couldn't quite square these colorful live things bursting from composted shit with her produce aisle experience, she was eager to figure it out, so I expeditiously decided to(more)
My Dad tells me I could have been rich and successful. I could have made a difference in the world. But then I left the military academy with only a few months until commissioning. I don't bother asking what it is he thinks I am doing with my life(more)
Last night, you spent a lot of time staring at me.

I don't really know you. You're a good friend of a not-quite-friend of mine, and I remember seeing you around, four years ago, and noticing you, but only in that vague, passing attraction kind of way. (more)
the sky is empty with land fills
"What do you mean the entrance is here? All there is is sand."

I had been sent on a special mission to infiltrate a base, but the aid on the other end of my headset wasn't being of much... aid.

"I'm telling you," he repeated, "the entrance(more)
Today, my muscles hurt so bad it feels as though I've fell into a pile of quicksand and can't get out. I can't move.
I was going to do it. I was going to willingly jump into the quicksand. I suppose I should start from the beginning...  

I used to be a human, I think. But now I'm a Pokemon. I knew what Pokemon were, but I never thought I'd wake up(more)
What was this feeling? Floating? Falling? No, sinking. Ah, yes. I was sinking. I must have fainted. But who could blame me? It had been a terribly difficult day. But I remember

I was sinking in quicksand. But quicksand is only quick if you struggle. If you don't,(more)