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Whenever I need to have a good think, I lie down backwards on my bed, with my feet propped up against the wall, and I let the blood pour down into my brain, and close my eyes, and just wander around for a while inside my head.
lay yourself down
here by my side
let go and let me
perhaps you've forgotten how it feels
to hand over the reins
at least momentarily (more)
Last night, I had the American Dream, and I woke up this morning to chase it.  There was no happiness, no friendship, no good times or personal goals to greet me.  Just the emptiness of my own mind and the subconscious urge to drive forward, endlessly wanting more and more and(more)
That was it. They were done. All three-hundred and ninety-six of them.

It had taken Clark most of the day to process all of the files that were in his in-box; but he had gotten them done with about fifteen minutes to spare. I ought to relax, he(more)