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When your face is against the dirt, and you have a lifetime to idle dreams, you push harder.  
The sun hadn't crested the horizon yet, and a light fog glides across the lake like dancers .   A cacophony of birds ring through the tree tops, shouting back and forth(more)
Words are flowing out like pulling teeth from a rabid dog. Every sentence is a crime against literature, every paragraph an abomination that should not live. The fact that you're even allowed to share these words with anyone is a testament to the failure of social media's golden age.(more)
"God, how does this fucking thing work!"  

Brink rocked rhythmically on the moist bathroom tile. The winter breeze seeped through the cracks in the broken window. It froze the post-shower dew that clung to the air and crystallized intricate fractals on the mirror.

"Piece of shit!"   (more)
Well, looks like I got pretty well stuck this time.  It's not every day you can get a motorcycle stuck in a pool of peanut butter.  Hell, it's not every day that you even find a pool of peanut butter, let alone one big enough for a motorcycle to fit in,(more)
"Heave to, you wretches! Heave!" Anthar cracked the whip for additional incentive. "Barnacales move faster than you scurvy lot!"

Barmom picked up his tempo on the drum. Oars creaked and men moaned. The sea silently swallowed the snow.

Captain Årnot watched from the stern while leaning into(more)
It was impossible. There was no way he could continue as he tried to move from under the suffocating mass of debris that had fallen upon him. He thought he was safe when he'd run for the shelter when the storm had hit. But the cyclone had demolished the(more)
"Just stay awake."
That's what the doctor told me with a grim expression across his face. I suppose it was grim, for the light that shined behind his shadowed out his face grew brighter with each passing moment, making it harder and harder to see.
"Amy, are you there(more)
Damien loses his grip and scrabbled down the stairs, skin burning and red where his tears leave tracks, fabric coming apart at the seams that touch his body. He runs into the metal door and pushes against it, feeling the cool metal burn and dip under his fingers and(more)
Sara whipped the truck around, backing it as close to the maintenance stand as possible. She maneuvered as closely as she dared to avoid hitting power units and AC carts, but there was no time for finesse. She left the truck running and threw it in Park, then leapt(more)
Now with your back, now with your thighs, now with your buttocks...

And now with your tongue, your eyes, and your name.

We've been here before. Sweat settles on your brow. Population: 576.

Sex is  tough, but a pleasure. This is harder. The crimp of rock betwe(more)
I can't help but to keep moving forward, no matter how bleak the situation, no matter how unlikely a satisfactory end is.

I am always there, silent but present, and perhaps underestimated and unnoticed by and large. I see no need for theatrics, for grand (but ultimately empty)(more)
"Push harder!" she yelled, her voice betraying the effort she was exerting.

Sally couldn't respond, but pushed with all her might, her shoes sinking into the mud. The wheels of the car were spinning uselessly.

She was about to give up, about to start figuring out anothe(more)
You push things.

You push the door open to get out into the world. Push the light switch to see where we're going. Push the button the get your drink from the half-empty vending machine.

Push the drawer close to hide the magazine. Push the glass away(more)
it's so funny how we tell each other to move on, keep those feelings out, get over it. and out of fear i learned to push people so far away. to run. and escape. when you reached out to me and held my wrist so gently i only thought(more)
I hate how high school kids don't push. How can you not want out? How can you not want to know WHY? How can you not want to push harder, be done quicker, and stop complaining? Why are you just letting yourself be a lamb and be led around?(more)