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the hug was going
well till i mentioned marriage
and felt her pull back
Slow your roll, curb your anxiety and park your frustrations. If your objective consistently seems to elude your reach, you could be over shooting your target, over thinking your process and just pushing too hard.

Pull back for a change instead of pushing forward will sometimes initiate a(more)
The memories are trying to escape. They've stomped their way through the gates and are making their way towards the edge of your brain. They are fading into the distance, flickering under the setting sun, shadows of what they used to be. You must move quickly. Get a rope(more)
"PULL BACK! PULL BACK!" The general screamed through the wire.
"We've got it locked down calm down Sir, we've got the front covered and the flanks are holding steady. Over." I replied, his over active nature and willingness to retreat had saved him a lot of men, but prematur(more)
In the mid afternoon the bolters had pulled back to the ridge with their tails between their legs as they exchanged blind fire with the marines entrenched in the thick jungle. Smoke and flames licked the foliage, turning the floor into little more than a corpse and litter filled(more)
Round and round we'll spin, in circles moving forward.
We don't care what's ahead!
We'll press on like a drill spiraling into the new world we'll create for ourselves.
Sometimes, the only thing that stopped Masayoshi from sprinting off into an alleyway and being an idiot was the fact that he forgot he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and that Gotou had developed lightning-fast leashing reflexes. Masayoshi made a little 'erk' sound as he got approximately half a(more)