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My job at a women's shelter was the first time I met any transgendered people.

I thought they'd be known as transvestites or drag queens. I was from a small town. I didn't know about transgendered people. I didn't understand the issues.

I didn't think anyone wou(more)
A simple word, "she."
"She" a word I force
through tightly pressed teeth.
Hissing, spitting, spite.
Her name I exchanged
for the small pronoun. (more)
Brain undergoing tempestuous peril
Chest rising and falling in monstrous waves
Lungs trying to keep pace with the out-pour of letters onto paper
The pen scribbling madly, furiously
The hand cramping and shaking, smudged with ink (more)
Being a professional ‘noun’ is always fought with danger as you could end up being the ‘subject’ in a lengthy prison ‘sentence’. If not the ‘subject’, you could easily find yourself the ‘object’ of ‘ridicule’.  Personally, and also because I’m light-fingered, I’d rather be a ‘transit(more)