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pretty eyes nose mouth
not a beautiful face but
pretty close to it

two more and i'm done. thanks for the likes.
She had the very same pretty eyes as her.  

That's what it was.  

He could finally relax, almost.  
You have pretty eyes.
Don't ask me who has the prettiest.
Yours are fine.
Please, I'm frustrated, I'm confused.
Please tell me why you don't see it too
Do you own a mirror? (more)
Her eyes are what kept me close, for without them I would be lost to my vices.
"You have such pretty eyes", I hated when people said things like that to me.  Or, you have gorgeous hair or a beautiful face.  Hated it!  In my mind it was all crap and they might as well come out and say it.  You're fat!  Fat and the only thing they can scrape together(more)
If there's one thing I appreciated about living in South Asia, it's that the women don't cover up what's on their faces to feign that perfection is normal. The heat, the poverty, the crises -- they're out there persistently and belligerently, everyday. The fact that you spent the night(more)