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And right now I am pretending I am a pirate, ten years old with my toes in the sand and a strip of red rag bound round my head.

Where's my curved sword and notch-bladed knife? I can feel their weight in my hands; I know how thei(more)
An imagination
takes me on a wild ride
Pretending I am flying down slippery slopes
in precarious positions
engaging sexy sirens and battling brutish beasts
"It's that goddang voice that'll git your hide in trouble, Marylee!  I fuckin' mean it, cut that shit out NOW!"  

Tracy’s ma’s scream was loud enough to be heard from four houses away, bouncing off  the corrugated metal and rising above the hum of televisions and banging kitchenwa(more)
When I was a dragon I soared through the clouds,
I winged over cities and fields fresh ploughed,

When I was a whale I swam through the sea,
Splashed waves with my tail, dove deep as can be,
Most of the time
I'm pretending I'm fine
just in case you're looking
slipping in and out of character
tends to wear you out
even when it looks effortless (more)
Pretending I am wanted. He wanted my number, and my time. Wanted to know what I was up to all the time. Now that I want him and his attention, I'm ignored. Yes, there's an 8 year age difference, but I suppose all men are the same. I'm pretending(more)
A one-time (at separate times) financial manager, stay-at-home dad, and unemployment-office haunter, Paul can truly appreciate his current morning routine for its uniqueness. As far as he knows, no one else spends his mornings as Paul does. Though how would he know if someone else is--stealth kind of is(more)
Pretending that I am flying free through the big, blue sky is not a dream. It's life. My life. Be free of everything and enjoying things on my time. I soar through the clouds, and dive straight down towards the clear blue ocean but the second before I hit,(more)
I am pretending I am standing in water as thick as oil
as high as pigeon toes - grasping at my pant legs.