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We're all afraid to admit that we have to take some kind of prescription. We don't want to admit our dependence on something because we don't want people to see our weaknesses. No one wants to be looked down upon.

But I'm not afraid. I know I'm weak(more)
When I first met Paula, I told her I was probably crazy. She told me that crazy people rarely have the self-awareness to consider the possibility of their own insanity. "I meant crazy about you."

That was three weeks ago. We'd seen each other every day since. Her(more)
a man once told me
not to be sad
because everything
from african elephants
to skyscrapers
were once stars (more)
you can hear the pill rattling at the bottom of the bottle.
just one of the many prescriptions you have to shove down your throat every morning.
to remain sane.
normal. (more)
Doctor and patient, diagnosis and prescription. That's always how it worked, and Crane knew that. He knew it well enough that being psychologist, psychiatrist, and pharmacist was better than being judge, jury, and execuioner. Judgement was insipid. Diagnosis was interesting. Death was boring. Drugs were exciting. Sharpenin(more)
My head swam, my body was on fire. I was burning up inside.

"What's wrong with me?" I asked.

"Have a seat over there and we'll try and find out," said my doctor, gesturing to the standard medicinal lounge chair every doctor's office comes equipped with. (more)
Prescription after prescription after prescription.

All the doctors tell me the same thing:
"These will make you feel better."
"These will make you live longer."
"Don't you want to be around to see your grandchildren?"

Each pill comes with a different side effect.

The small whit(more)
The automatic doors opened in a flash as the woman and her walker slowly inched through them.

"Hello! Mr. Whythe? Are you there? I've come to retrieve my medicines....." the woman yelled as she entered. An young pimply employee with a stained Walgreens polo walked up to her(more)
Sometimes when the going gets tough,
I’ve failed too many times,
disappointed too many people.
and I couldn’t possibly hate myself more
I close my eyes and remember that
somewhere (more)
Woke up
time ticked by
another ciggarette for lunch
time ticked again
you died
There are some illnesses that just don't have prescriptions. There are so many things you can't fix. Flaws. Weaknesses. How did they become illnesses anyway? Who had the guts to pull out a list and tell people when something was wrong, to call people broken?

My eyes snapped open as the pounding headache throbbed violently at my temples. With my hands shaking, I reach out for the small bottle of prescription pills I have on my bedside table. Not surprisingly enough, they were empty.

WHAT ARE(more)
I was born with an expiration date.

"He won't make it past 8 years." The doctor said
"We can put him on a number of drugs but they will only delay the inevitable."
Jade shields her eyes from the glaring sun above as she traverses the thick wilderness. Despite the thick populace of krait and even worse, she would not falter in her path, for what she was seeking was too important to afford hesitation. Eventually, her long journey reaches its finale(more)
My doctor handed me the little white slip of paper. I squinted at his scrawl as he explained how to get to the pharmacy down the street and what the drug should look like. I was only half-listening as I tried to remember what this prescription was even for.(more)