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"I can't," Winry said, her voice exhausted. She had been sitting up late, a clean white cloth spread over the kitchen table and the innards of a client's automail laid out before her. "I can't do this any more, Al. I just can't."
"It's a monster."
"With no trees."
"And strange tentacles underwater snaking everywhere."
"It's one snarled mess of concrete and steel."
"And the tentacles are the subways." (more)
let me be clear:
impossible-fortunate one day will be
the girl who takes your hand, for she
so blesséd needs no more prayers follow;
i myself with heart so hollow
brimming now with only hate, (more)
His breaths are shaky exhales and inhales. The polished railing is strong and solid, and he clutches it like a babe would a doll.

Below, the chanting continues, a tide of voices rising and falling. Another time, he thinks, will kill him. It would be a good death(more)
promise me you'll pray for me.
i'm gonna be gone soon you know.
my weak heart barely beats,
and i can barely see you're pretty face.
promise me that, until i'm gone,
you'll sit here and hold my hand. (more)
when my mother is on her knees
with her hands clasped and shaking
and her eyes squeezed shut in concentration
I know she prays for me

when tears leak through those clenched eyes (more)
"I'm not nervous," I said flippantly, before my entrance. "Pray for me."
I guess you did, because God certainly blessed opening night. I was Sylvia, the main role...and somehow I didn't forget my lines, or botch a note, and was able to do a split at the end for(more)
I wonder why you made your choice? I wonder why you told me one thing and did another? I feel forsaken. I feel, and am almost positive, that the things I was told were said to keep me happy and quiet. You said what you did to make me(more)
Sancta maria, mater dei; hora pro nobis, peccatoribus. Nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Now and at the hour of our deaths.
One cried into the other's shoulder, and they held each other close as the bombs wracked their bodies.
"They'll be here soon," sniffed the smaller. "They'l(more)
He didn't believe in praying. Hadn't he said it time and time again? His brother prayed, said, in their 'line of work,' it was never a bad idea to bow to the option that someone was listening. He, however, had seen too much shit to pray-- and even if(more)
He looked up at me, his eyes emptier than I'd ever seen them, and with a voice that was only just loud enough to hear he said "Pray for me tonight. I might not be able to pray for myself."
Then he disappeared into his house, the front door(more)
I will never ask you to pray for me,
To put your hands together in mercy,
To lower your head out of necessity,
To close your eyes and imagine a better day.
Christina had daydreamed about visiting other planets, as any other science geek with an active imagination would. But to actually be going? And there were people there, and she would be defending them? It was mind-boggling. She stepped into the small church near Central Park that she attended every(more)
Ask him for me, ask him to absolve my sins and remove this hole in my soul.  He'll listen to you (he loves you afterall), he'll hear you even when you think he's waging his private wars Up There.  Cas has always heard your prayers, and maybe he can make me(more)
"So," he starts, pulling out a pamphlet. "I got another one."

"Seriously?" Setting her mug down with a fair bit of force, she leans back in her chair. "How many times is that this week, five? Six?"

"Don't be ridiculous; it's the fourth one."

"Like that(more)