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     stumbled blindly

                                         for half
As I began to come to consciousness, my eyes opened to a white and gray blur. My other senses began to pick up details of the room. The loud beeping beside me, the biting smell of disinfectant, and the rough texture of a paper gown against my rear. (more)
The distance.
Where can I
See to the other side?
Why won't you come help me....?
Lost, my only hope
Is to find you. (more)
The doctor told me squinting was no longer an option.  I told him that I wanted to see another doctor to see if maybe it was, still.

Look Mr. Milton, he said, looking me over, you can't see.  You can't see you can't see, frankly.

I closed my eyes,(more)
I knew it was getting bad once the words left my lips.

"Why do they call it a green light when it's so clearly blue?"
the lack of glasses to shield such eyes
so innocent
so non flirtatious
such lack of a barrier to stop the rays of light
leading to pain
leading to darkness (more)
The ley lines of kind eyes,
a common link, placed for discovery,
something screams ecstatically from the inside,
Screaming ecstatically in a silent-heart tongue,
We fail to see it,
something, (more)