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we help you
get the words out.
Write in any genre in
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Read. Be Read.
Write. Now.
please read behind lines and
pick locked doors with your eyelashes.
there aren't answers on my lips but rather
in the swooping slant of my eyebrows,
raised, terrified.
i used to have a document on my computer entitled "please read this when i'm dead." i toed the line between life and death, never committing to either, just like i could never really commit a boy i liked, but part of me wondered if anyone would  ever comment on(more)
there were three messages
in a box on my shelf
marked 'please read'
hopefully to be found
as i was being buried later on that year
but it didn't work (more)
A yellowed envelope, crackling with age. The musty smell of a trunk shut too long in a basement. The whisper of aged hands over aged paper.

A simple message on the outside:
“Please Read” (more)
Do your self a favor and please read.

No, not this.

No, not that detective plotboiler either.
Please, dear. Please read what I have to write because you surely aren't listening to what I have to say. Dear, I can't please you all the time so all I'm asking is that you please read this if it's the last time you will do anything for me.(more)
please read this notice
and not just that nice first line
with its please thank you
Please read the signs, all of them.

The tiny pieces of pink crystal tossed so carelessly around us, the maggots, their writhing symbolizes something; the noise of static the taste of nervousness. Cold, black water rising somewhere inside me. We'll drown soon.

The omens were clear. B(more)