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He sits alone onstage, his fingers urging notes and chords out of his piano, his voice husky, growling all my secrets for anyone to hear.
I slam down a shot of liquid courage and leave the safety of my usual hiding place in the back corner of the bar,(more)

I love endings. Let's begin there.
The last day I spent with my girlfriend, Lucia, before velocity and inertia carried me away and away from that tiny town in the high desert, her bedroom floor was our final frontier.
As Morrison Hotel spun again and agai(more)


The mechanical wolf in my mirrored self's chest crunched the marionette's wooden skull in his jaws, the shards disappearing down his gullet, followed quickly by the rest of the delicately carved body.
With downcast eyes, my doppelganger watched the scene playing out inside her. Sh(more)
It was the inevitable time of Saturday night that happens in small town bars everywhere once midnight's near. The opening piano riff of 'Old Time Rock & Roll' sounded over the general din; someone had finally been unable to resist it, clacking drunkenly through the mouldy oldies the jukebox(more)