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Fists collide with the side of his face, knuckles meet cartilage, blood pours from nostrils and traces the lips in twin scarlet rivers. A cry escapes his mouth, high and girly, showing a weakness that he knew would disappoint his father. The sound only prompts more pain, more attacks,(more)
"It's your turn Simon," said little Bethany, handing over the wooden baseball bat.
Simon took the bat and targeted the swaying object hanging from the tree.
"Hey, no cheating. You gotta be blindfolded first," cried Bethany.
"I'm just practicing sheesh."
"Well don't."
Bethany walked up behind Simon and (more)
Life is a giant Pinata only thing different in the life piñata, some pretty awful things happen as the sun beaks up the night piñata. And wow in the life piñata babies are born people die. People get rich others get poor  it's a hodge poge
of good bad fun(more)