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Drifting through time
salt of experience
hardening my skin
I've landed on beaches
white sand and brown
pebbles and boulders (more)
I'm petrified.
Right this very moment in time I'm petrified.
It's the damn weather. It's scaring the hell out of me.
For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by the weather. Not in an I-wanna-be-a-weather-girl way, it's more like I have a healthy respect for the(more)
They laugh, sure. It's ridiculous to be afraid of something that can't exist, and she knows it.

But in the middle of the night when she can hardly breathe for the panic in her throat, it's all simply too real. Her limbs are frozen and tingling with electricity(more)
My laundry has gotten out of control as has the leather loveseat in the corner of my room. It's the catch-all for all. And, in all reality, it's not going to get clean. Maybe more orderly but not clean. I am a slob. My flat mate can vouch for(more)
When I took over the position from Marley, I took over his office, too. His old lady had done a good job of clearing the suite out--probably even personally supervised the scrubbing of the walls--which is why I was so surprised to find that chunk of petrified wood under(more)
I wouldn't call it petrified exactly, at least not in the experience of it, but to see me, you could think that, narcotized petrification, inert and dreaming ambiguities. The sun, lost to Southern migration and cloud cover, the persistent mist of all those gray months, a prodigal sun (forgive(more)
Sometimes I feel emotionally frozen, thick or action-less.  Is there an escape from this stone-like state?  For me being petrified is already a reaction from another historically triggering emotional association.  It's like being in a house of mirrors.

The projection is my mother, my(more)
I feel that for the first time I've been a victim of viscera sailors
It was something he had gotten used to--this feeling that, in a dastardly ironic twist, wasn't feeling. No caress, no punch, no impalement made him falter. He was implacable, because he could not be slowed down until his limits were reached. Things like, breaking his kneecaps; things that physically(more)