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In most novels that I have read, the protagonists of the story is inevitably shielded by a wall of what a friend and I call 'plot armor'. The characters in question will invariably escape with their lives despite facing  impossible odds because they are required to be alive for the(more)
At the very last minute
I made my choice
I walked through the door
And there you were...

Perfect timing
The timing has to be perfect. One half a second too early, and we'll live. One half a second two late, and we'll live.

We readied ourselves for it. Preparing to time it perfectly. And then we lunged. It was perfect. Our timing was so good, that w(more)
Okay, here's how it's gonna go. She's going to walk through the door in ten -- no wait, nine-and-a-half minutes, because the dinner's at 7:30 and she's always punctual. She'll wave at you, smiling, and come over, draping her jacket over her chair and brushing a kiss on your(more)
The perfect picture requires perfect timing. To capture a slice of life, in its glory, form and pleasure. One looks at a perfect picture and smiles.