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He sits at his typewriter priming his mind before allowing his thoughts to assail the white space in front of the keys. A cooling cup of tea to his right. A common practice as evidenced by the brown rings left on the table.
I sat at the edge of the lake, kicking my feet into the water and watching the ripples. The sun was setting and the horizon was reflected beautifully into the water, like a drop of honey. The air was warm, and it caressed my face and drew my hair(more)
The place was beautiful. It was a large, seemingly endless field that stretched out for maybe a hundred kilometers, possibly more. The field didn't look like as though there was a start or finish, just from where he stood to across the mountains far in the distance. The location(more)
We sat on the couch, some old sitcom that we had once found moderately amusing was blaring on the TV. It was an old episode, one we had seen a few times.

There was so much to say, and yet, why say it? Would it serve any purpos(more)