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  He had had enough.  Mom was nowhere near getting off the phone with "Aunt" Suzy, and it was time for a snack.  The little boy tottered up to the big white doors that blocked him from the land of Oreo's and Pop Tarts.  He licked his lips as he thought of all(more)
nature's sea pantry
also serves as a garbage
can and septic tank
    “I bet that old mouse, Marcus, got snuffed,” Gregory's friend, Russell, mumbled through a mouthful of acorn. The chipmunk's fat cheeks wobbled as a bit of nut flew from his mouth to land on Mr. Barnaby's arm. “What's he think'n anyway? Everybody knows you can't trust a cat.”
Mary rested her hands on her head and looked at the ceiling of her pantry, heaving a loud sigh.
Cooking for cooks was a nightmare for Mary. Mary didn't even like to cook for herself, much less people who didn't like her.
God. They were coming here. People i(more)
sometimes at night (maybe 2:00 - 3:45 in the dark hours) i get these severe hunger attacks that scare me into believing and imagining that there is some particular resource that my body demands in order to continue functioning, and that resource is currently close to the dreaded 0%(more)
n. gastronomic narnia, though now with only enough room for edward and lucy. ruled by the white rice witch.