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pale yellow sky with
two moons but in his breast his
heart beats normally

so long for now!
We aren't that angry anymore.
We haven't got a leg to stand on,
or a war to fight.
There's no more background; no foreground in sight.
Pale yellow
in the trees (more)
The pale yellow light
That used to flood
The meadow
Was gone
It had vanished
Plunging the area (more)
pale yellow eyes staring back at pale yellow eyes staring back at pale yellow eyes its so sad seeing dogs locked up in cages at the pet store all the potential owners in the world looking at them and imagining the lives they might live together. what a terrible(more)
The sky was a pale yellow and a deep purple, both the moon and the sun visible on the horizons. The trees were flooded on one side with buttery glow, the other with an inky glimmer, no shadows in sight, light everywhere, light everywhere.
Ice crystals dangled from the(more)
pale yellow teeth flashing in a perfect crescent every time you turn away and try to do anything of note because despite all the food and books and fancy wifi-capable gadgets you've been provided, you are, in fact, not supposed to grow your own ideas or change the world(more)