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The Wall, as it was known, stretched above so far its peak scraped the stars. It’d been cobbled together countless generations ago for some long forgotten purpose. Now, it stood, as resolutely as ever, trapping Jacob within the wasteland of the city.
Time had cracked its face a(more)
It'd been there for centuries now, the wall. Built in 2056, after the Great War, it stands firm and strong, unbeaten by the ages of time. None have passed through its gates since the last iron column was sealed; no one ever really desired to. The horror stories passed(more)
Even if you stand on your tip-toes, you'll never be able to look over that wall. It's lived too long, known too many other nosy children to topple down just for you. On the other side you can hear voices: the clinking of glasses, a woman's laughter, the lilting(more)
In the streets were chaos and calm. Kaneta's men roared with each charge, each clash of katanas; the commander's, discipline embodied, stood in solid, silent lines blocking the way.

Or so they thought. As Kaneta's men pushed them slowly back, they didn't notice me, creeping over the rooftops.(more)
there's more over the
wall going in than over
the wall going out