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    Only a devil would be unfazed by things I have done. I imagine him now: crystal brandy glass in hand, the facets gleaming golden in the low light of a candle, perfectly debonair and all too intoxicating as he gives me the smallest of smiles. I see him raise(more)
It's raining tonight, old man.
I know you can feel it.
Your joints are weak and your bones creak and you can feel the dampness in your legs, in your arms, in your chest.
Your body is failing, and it's not just age. It's a gift from the people.(more)
Only a devil would think that way; in images of blood and darkness, in words screamed and pleaded, in feelings of pain and sadism.
Only a devil would act that way; cutting skin and grinning while watching it bleed, relishing in terrified screams and pleas for mercy, enjoying the(more)
it wasn't my mind but
only a devil that made
me do the bad thing
"You're here late again," she says, tapping her pen on the edge of her clipboard.  "Visitor's hours ended a while ago, you know."

Adachi glances up at her out of the corner of his eye; he's seen her before, but this is the first time she's deigned to speak(more)
"Mom, can you pick me up?" She cracked into the phone, clutching it tighter to her face. "I don't know," she sobbed.

Many Months Later