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Listen to the stables.
They’re whistling,

Unable to speak.

Sifting through the fields, (more)
As his lips delicately caress the skin of her neck, he pushes her down to meet the cool touch of his desk. His hands move slowly down her sides until they reach her waist, where he slides his thumbs under the brim of her jeans. She feels them begin(more)
on the table is my report card, all As. it’s from eighth grade. dad updates the fridge with evidence whenever we accomplish something particularly remarkable, but he decided to take down the display two weeks ago and pieces of it are littered on the countertop. “you’re getting older, and(more)
one of my friends saw you with her, and i don't know what to make of it. i don't want to be one of those people in the movies who overreact and smash everything to pieces, but i don't want to be the naive girl who is oblivious to(more)
Kreeda was gone.  The cries were replaced with silence and his weariness receded.  A gentle wind drifted through the slit in the stone wall in front of him and it cooled the sweat on his brow.  His body shivered as the energy from Kreeda's departure scuttled through his body.  It had(more)
On Izumo's bar-top sits:

1) A bonsai: he keeps watering it, day after day, waiting for it to grow large enough so that he can bury it above Totsuka's grave. Dead bodies are nutritious and good for plant growth, apparently. Yata had looked at Izumo with something lik(more)
On Monday morning there is little on the table. Laptop, closed. A plastic lunch container with a sandwich and a banana. The minutes tick by, but the bedroom door stays closed.

Tuesday's table is empty, save for the gin and vermouth bottles, and the martini glass. An an(more)
        "I want to know everything. Now, Domraro. If I get the feeling that you might be holding back, that you deceive me for a second with anything so much as the tiniest white lie, I call in the entirity of my order", Jrogan demanded, slamming his fist down on(more)
"You are so full of shit," Winry said, as Ed rolled the car into park. "We are in the middle of nowhere. Are you two squatting in an abandoned hovel again, because I am not peeing in a bucket-"

"Jeez, Winry, relax," Ed said. "Would I lie to(more)
"Why don't you put it in italics," Katy said.

"Well, why couldn't you have put a question mark at the end of your sentence?" I said.

"Because I'm not the writer." (more)
"Don't tell anyone," Ann said, " Swear on your soul that you won't tell anyone else." I looked at her and knew she was serious.
"I swear on it." She stared at me  for a while, as if to measure that I'm someone worth trusting. Finally after what seemed like(more)