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My sense of humor was on crack
the day I glued the nickel to the dining room
table. In my baby faced innocence
I thought I could get away with it.
And I almost did, until my sister
walked in, inspecting my work like (more)
" have got to be fucking kidding me."

Alas, to my dismay, she shook her head with the very same vigour she'd displayed prior to having completely and utterly destroyed any faith in human beings that I'd managed to salvage following our last little soiree.

"It wa(more)
I hate it, my students going around all, "He's on crack," "Omigod, Beth, you on crack?"  

But certain kids never joke like that, because they know it's not a joke, it's why DHS came and took you away and now your little brother is living somewhere else and(more)
I find myself thinking about the next day's morning coffee cup as I finish the present one. Somehow I have built that perfect dawn moment, complete with the kitties swirling around my ankles, the bed wrinkles on my face and finally, a fashion mag I have only begun to(more)