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on a scale from one to ten how much do you want to run away with me

i can promise turnpikes and jeeps and summer air and hotdogs with everything on them and a rearview mirror reflecting nothing but our hair whipping in the wind

on a(more)
Gotou sat on the edge of the bed and looked between Masayoshi and Kanata, an eyebrow raised. They were both completely naked - they had come out the bathroom that way, although it had been Masayoshi in the bath and Kanata announcing that he just needed something. "You want(more)
"How dark is it?" Rainn spoke into the mic embedded in his spacesuit helmet, standing near the mouth of the hellhole.    

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say it's about 15,000." Wingert replied, suspended on a harness, slowly descending into the bottomless pit.