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It was a night with no moon, quite dark to be sure, but I would not have thought it particularly ominous. As we drove towards the coast, our headlights provided the only illumination. Yellow dashes swept past my side of the car, and the solid white stripe slipped along(more)
Abigail wrung her hands.  A gull keened above her head, reminding her to take a breath of salt-spray air.  Men shouted and tossed lengths of rope.  The preparation of the great, dark gangplank took years.  
Andy Sandburg, this is your moment.

I swear there's a rubberband holding my lungs tight together forcing heart to work for it lifting shoulders up up hugging my ears so that at the end of the race shoulders and neck are more sore than anything

this isn't(more)
I am on a boat
over a dark moat.

A witch flies past the moon
singing a Gershwin tune.