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practice makes perfect
when steering around my curves
like riding a bike
In Africa I rode a bicycle as my main form of transportation. It was wonderful and freeing to fly from village to village, on a fat tire mountain bike. I felt like I was more in touch with the scenery, the surroundings. Sure it took longer to get where(more)

On a bike
with a basket full of Pike.
I’m hardly able to see over the top
to say hi to my friend Mike.
I rode my way across the mountain upon my new Schwinn moped.
The day was dark my vision was blurred and I felt mildly exhausted.
As I climbed higher my legs felt lighter and I reached the mountain peak my breath now bated.
Before I knew it my leg(more)
'Twas the turn of the millennium and I was lackadaisically finishing another semester at the University of Florida. After pulling an all-nighter, I rode furiously to submit a paper within seconds of the deadline. I triumphantly rode home, my chartreuse mountain bike flying down a steep hill, and I(more)
Don't need hands or helmet or screaming yellow reflective jackets, or padded spandex shorts that showcase the lumps, the humps, the size of the thighs, the soft, soft middle flopping over the rest. Don't need shoes that click into place but that don't function as shoes outside of the(more)