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My Mom died yesterday.
Somehow, in all the imaginings I've imagined, I've never imagined my Mom not being just a phone call away.
And I don't care about the double-negative in the previous sentence because right now, I don't care about much of anything.
I can't let myself care(more)
The loud ones sit in the back, quiet in the front. That's the way it is. The seats are elephant skin, graffitied upon with schoolhouse abandon. One kid's drool drips from his lip and waits by the door.

Welcome to my school bus. (more)
Oh, no, hon. You have it wrong. I don't want to kill myself; I just want to die. There's a difference.
I don't want to drag a knife across my arm. I don't want to swallow a bottle of pills. I don't want to put a gun to m(more)
I forgot to save
the Pokemon SoulSilver game
and it crashed again
It was nearly dawn, the first hints of day brushing the far horizon. Roy stood on the ledge of the building, his hands in the pockets of his long coat as he looked out across the rooftops. Pre-dawn was the most peaceful time of the night; all the late(more)
Oh, no.
Oh, no, ,no, no.
Too late.
I need a cigarette. (more)
Oh no, I messed up. A fatal mistake. What have I done? I pull the bedsheets up to my head, hiding my shame. A warm hand suddenly flops over my naked body. I am aware of someone breathing evenly beside me underneath the sheets. My breath freezes as it(more)
I seem to have lost the thread of these words; I've bled myself dry. It's as though I've been drawing from a finite well of thought, heedless of the need for foresight and prudent conservation. What's left is nothing short of appalling. Insubstantial. Or worse, operating under the pretense(more)
I roll out of the way and stumble upwards, blindly grabbing out in the thick darkness for something to hold. But instead of craggy rock, I grasp something fleshy, something alive. I nearly shriek, but then a hand is thrown over my mouth.
Oh no.
Oh shit fuck damn bollocks christ NO.
That did not just happen.
That most definately did not happen. It was the opposite of what happened. It was a trick of his mind that was just awfully good at confincing him that he'd done-
"Dude, did you just(more)
a park bench sits
waiting hesitantly
for the warmth & caress
YES (more)