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People talk about the ocean as if it is this glorious place. The beach is a paradise. Filled with human-shaped lizards baking in the blazing sun and covered in crusty grit called sand that invades everything, refusing to leave. Because not even the sand wants to stay at the(more)
ocean paradise.
warm sand, breakers thump, alone.
the world as it was.
take us back to the cold winter days spent in that ocean paradise
where the boys ordered us hot cocoa
and our stereo played louder than the midnight rain on the beach
erase, write, erase, write, right write not right is still right--how did long ago happen so quick. the change in breath, a softening of middle--it isn't possible to use up all of your words on other people, the children, the children--before, i still never finished my stories. all stories(more)
My main vice is swimming. Sometimes I settle for the community centre pool. But even in the winter I will wade into the ocean. Clumsy breaststroke.  

On the way to work every morning I imagine the city differently. It is a soothing exercise, like progressive relaxation, only in(more)
Crack. Jytos felt another jolt of his spine as it readjusted to the labour of his hands. The wall was almost built, and soon he and his wife would have home, and by extension a thermostat. When they first found themselves floating on the liquid glass they pushed each(more)