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This was meant for 'at home':

Its as if my house is made up
of many levels.
Not connected by beam nor board,
they band together by shadow, and spider's silk. (more)
It's what we say when we've run out of ideas. It's what we tell ourselves when good enough just isn't good enough anymore. When that series of compromises no longer diverts as it once did, when we begin to see fleeting ghosts of the life we longed for but(more)
They Globlians of the Concordia system collectively raced by the first buoy of the interstellar zero-g furlong dash. Wiggle by squiggle they gyrated side to side attempting to attain propulsion against the translucent syrupy atmosphere that was regulated down to the very last cubic centimeter. The champion of Bulbon(more)
Try eating Top Pot Doughnuts while you're in church. It's not like there's a God so what do you have to lose? Besides a leg to diabetes, I mean.

Top Pot Doughnuts. Cutting shoe sales by 50%, one pastry at a time.