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She said
That nothing is left
Everything had been cleft

He said
Life goes on (more)
the sky rumbles with an oncoming storm, a pale gray falling over the horizon like a blanket. the air is damp and cold, and the dirt beneath our boots has turned to mud as we sit down, collapsing entirely out of exhaustion and the weak pull of our muscles.(more)
something, i don't know what, pulled It out of me when i crossed over--
removed that Thing inexorably tied to my soul from my being, leaving It intact in every world but this one.
i am so empty i am hollow inside.
there is a large aching gape o(more)
Souji didn't remember falling asleep, but he woke to an urgent banging on the front door. It took him a minute to orient himself; he was still on the kitchen floor, pressed against the wall.

The knocking hadn't stopped, so he slowly pulled himself to his feet and(more)
In the dream she's standing beside him at the bus stop. It's raining- strange, because it hadn't been, that day, but the thought never bothers him. It's not far from the bus stop to his house, but he always waits with her, sees her off- maybe if there's no(more)
I can't breathe. I can't swallow. I've waited so long for this, and now there's nothing. Nothing at all; for me, or for anyone else. It's almost to painful to even look at. How could something like this have happened?
"How can something like this have happened?" I repeat(more)