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This is her room
a room of her own
where she goes to wrestle
with the angel of inspiration
and ignore the world with its
daily distractions and deals (more)
Jack reminded me today; her name was Samantha. Kind of forgettable a name for someone with such dramatic effect.

I fell hard for her short blond bob, cat-eye sunglasses and amazing dedication to red matte lipstick but what really sealed the deal was her solitude. There had a(more)
Who created Earth and man
and gave him dominion over
all the creatures of the planet
and science and mathematics
and vegetables and sacrificed his
only kid so that his people may (more)
Jina turned away from Johnny, left him sputtering and swearing. She walked to Lucy’s house, heart throbbing not so much in her chest but down somewhere in her gut, still sore from the gouge of the handlebar earlier.
Jina saw, through the open window, Lucy laying on her bedroom(more)
The man was tall. The tallest of the lot. She'd said he was tall. He wasn't fat, but he wasn't thin either, but then none of them were. One was a little heavier set than the others, one looked a little skinnier, a couple were a little chubby. He(more)
Is anyone ever “the one”? Is there really just one person out there that we are all meant to be with? If so, then why do so many marriages end in divorce? Is it because they just didn’t find the one? Did they walk down the aisle on their(more)