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What fallow fields
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The waters of love have been wasted (more)
He stared down at his hands. The skin, tough as old leather. The palms, calloused enough to snag cotton. Under the skin, on the palm of his left hand was a splinter from years ago that had refused removal. He mused, I carry time in my hands.
How is it that so many triggers are related to past Verbal Tics?

Wait, what the hell, Leon, how is that you get critical hits and Joachim doesn't? That dinosaur-venus flytrap-snake-weed like thing is definitely laughing at you.

"It must've been hard to stay down here fo(more)
Apparently I haven't felt like doing as much writing, lately.

It's not so much that I haven't had the time for it, or that I haven't wanted to. It's more... I dunno. A combination of laziness, distractions, complacency, and maybe even a touch of discouragement.

From now(more)