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The last few beats of a relationship usually play out the same way. After the breaking point, a fight or secret sex or just the miscible mix of boredom and unhappiness pouring over, the spring recoils: the silent tension, the distrust, the feigned reconciliation, the make-up sex. The big(more)
It's not quite the end
The credits haven't rolled.
A word of advice on how you spend your Friday. It's all  deciding when it finishes...if it does at all. Most people decide enough is enough when it's not quite the end of the night. Others just keep on going through until morning.  Others don't bother at all. All completely valid(more)
He had walked away from it all twenty years ago. He was Billy Mguido, the Latino kid with the killer arm and lots of potential. He was still Billy Mguido, but now he was a rich man who lived in a gated community and his once killer arm was(more)
she gasped and slapped him
but that was not quite the end
of his clumsy gropes
Rian stood before Edward's desk, arms crossed and scowling. It had been three months - three! - since he had left out on a mission that took him through the desert, into a nest of terrorists hidden in ancient ruins, and managed to involve a hijacked passenger train. Three(more)