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At the end of the day I sit and count my blessings. This life, this place, our happiness would not be if it were not for you.

We've built a life, had many children, made many memories to have long into what is now our old age. Creatin(more)
The words were there. Hanging betwen you and me. Turning from allegations into requests , escaping sighs and murmers , they lashed at you like molten lava. They hurt you , made me cry , made you angry , let me down. They did all I never intended. They(more)
She side walked through her choices careful to avoid the cracks. Turning side to side she counted off one by two each only replying not for you. She held her hand face forward toward the next in search of the first to say, why thank you yes.
that's what i wonder
in those hours between night and day
these thoughts trampoline through my mind
more than they should
they tumble tangled so i let them bounce and paint on a grin, armor for the day into night
i find manufactured smiles calm the savages