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The screws came undone, the metal shrieked as immense beams plummeted down. From the black depths below, a slow clatter of rock and steel came ringing up through the chasm.

Half of my mind reeled in terror, the other accepted the inevitable. I should have made my mind(more)
My watcher is back. He stands just around the corner of the next-nearest street, where he thinks I can't see him.
"What do you think?" I ask Kav from where I kneel before her. She whuffs quietly and points toward the street where the stranger lurks.
"You're right," (more)
"He was having an affair."
He was having an affair and that was why dad couldn't live with them any more.
She, being younger, didn't understand. Didn't he love them?
That was why she spent her whole adolescence without a father.
He was in a flat in the other(more)