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That question of the glass being half empty or half full . . .

I remember when I’d grown up a little, and thought I was being clever by asking, “What’s in the glass?” Then I got a little older and even more clever, and answered, “What’s th(more)
It was the strangest sensation, it felt as if she was “letting” me kiss her. She allowed it yet very obviously got no pleasure from it and made it perfectly clear that she had no feelings either way about the kiss or me.
5 Things There's Not Enough Of and 1 Thing There Is

1. Time: to do whatever it is that makes me do the Happy Dance.
2.Money: to buy whatever it is that makes me do the Happy Dance.
3.Inspiration: to keep the flow of words going always.
There is never enough time to spend with the ones that you love, and nothing can change that. That being said, there is only one solution.

Enjoy the time that you have with them. Try not to waste it by fighting and ignoring them. Spend time getting t(more)