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Like most of you, I am not the master of much of anything, though there is a list of items to my credit.

(filing system more intuitive to new hires; rebranding of department e-newsletter; correction of erroneous assertions maintained by the blowhard I replaced; organization of meaningful emplo(more)
Chubby was gone again. He’d run away three times already that month. Usually he ended up downtown, at The Shank. He wasn’t allowed in, but the bouncer was cool and let him hang out with him outside the bar.

All this running away was getting to be a(more)
Never far, the crow thinks, lifting on a gust of warm air spewing out of a vent in the industrial district, not quite downtown. Never far, the smell of the city. Even soaring over the green hills surrounding the massive cityscape, the smell wafts like bread baking in an(more)
we keep dreaming as if nothing were to happen
when doors and minds were left open
And here we are saluting the stars with the topside
of our Eyebrows
Pretending the parallaxed people were teacups in our hands
"Circa 2010"
I always get this weird feeling in me when I hear the song Uptown Girl, by Billy Joel. I'm not really sure what it is, to be honest. It's very distinct in me all the same.

Perhaps it's the message that being higher class is irrelevant. Perhaps it's(more)
I live on the wrong side of the tracks—for real, my hometown has tracks. And people who want their kids to go into something modern and stable, like plastics, live on the north side. They buy houses described as “cottage” or as “having gingerbread trim”—it’s a real fairy tale(more)
“…You can always go, downtown.
When you’ve got worries  
All the noise and the hurry
Seems to help, I know, downtown”

“Right.” I stated as we walked out of the restaurant and away from it’s music. I knew that I had plenty of worries lately, but al(more)
"So... a meteor crashed down just the other day."

"Holy shit! Why wasn't it on the news? Why aren't we panicking??"

"Well it was just a little thing, didn't even really cause a fuss."

"Oh, uh, I guess that's a relief. Did it hit the park?"(more)
"Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find the nearest hospital?!? Please! My wife is having a baby!"

"Well sir, I can tell you this: The hospital is not downtown."