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"I am not amused darling."
She was a snarky Fairy Godmother with a snappy comeback for everyone.
Miss Geraldine Carey, also known as Auntie Mame to her nearest and dearest, was everything I ever wanted to be when I grew up.
In a wheelchair since she was 18 year(more)
My daughter just turned two and she has four aunts. Three of them are my sisters, the other is my wife’s. The four of them are always competing for her affections. Expensively.

At last count, she had accumulated: seven princess dresses (three white, two pink and two burgundy-ish),(more)
The laughter of the others pinned Greg to the window.  There was only so much space and air inside the well-loved Honda Civic.  Greg felt like he was running out of both.

Steve told the best stories, he really did.  He had an inherent aplomb for pacing out moments and sharing(more)
Answerless riddles are mating with my squirmish thoughts
they swirl and ferment inside my skull; pulsating neurons in my head
I feel it before I hear it, as the laughter bubbles up from within me
but there is nothing to find amusing, and my hope lay dying, now dead(more)
Almost all of us loved the show. We'd laugh at the right times and clap when appropriate.

That one guy, a real jerk, hated the show. His big problem with it was that he had to be on stage telling the jokes, instead of in a seat an(more)