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snake with a cold finds
a mousenest full of babies, this
reptile's noodle soup
The knife cut deeper
His entrails fell out quick
Much like noodle soup.
    "Oh, Lord Jesus!" Natasha exclaimed, her heart jumping into her throat as her knees gave in. She grabbed the back of the nearest dining chair and slid herself into the seat before she fainted.
     Waving a hand before her face she watched in horror and fascination as Damien(more)
She crushed his throat with a quick chop to the neck. Married now for 14 years couldn’t stand one more criticism about her noodle soup. As he lay dying on the living room floor she sat in his favorite chair, held the warm bowl of comfort to her nose(more)
I would find my inheritance in the recipe book.  That's what the attorney said as he read the will to me and the rest of the small circle of surviving kin. Grandma was never the joking type, and in the way she ran her affairs and conducted her modest finances,(more)
Ironically enough, it was only once he was within the presence of food that Cassius began to realise how hungry he was. There had been something ethereal about his time outside the city, as though he had been nothing but a wandering specter up until the point at which(more)